STORE LOGISTIC offers a full range of cutting machines with water-jet technology. The water-jet cutting machine series features a unique, compact and stable design.

Flexible and robust water-jet cutting machines through STORE LOGISTIC.

This standard line of water-jet cutting machines can be assembled by the client fast and easy. Thus, the intervention of a professional machinist is not required.

A line of high pressure water-jet cutting machines that fulfills absolutely all the requirements for cutting large and thick materials through a fusion of extra strength and all the advantages of the standard series.

An available option is the possibility of changing the cutting arms in order to facilitate independent cutting on various geometrical shapes. Supreme flexibility with reduced maintenance costs and an excellent price/performance ratio only from STORE LOGISTIC.

A line of maximum performance water-jet cutting machines that permits the installation of a second table and the extension of the main one. Among other important characteristics is the possibility of cutting by using two stand-alone cutting arms situated in different areas.

Enclosed cutting area for a compact work space and a reduced noise level.

Transportation is made easy due to the modular architecture that allows future upgrades like extra modules, a new bridge with multiple heads or a second cutting head.
The enhancement possibilities of these new water-jet cutting machines are limitless.
This way, we are ensuring efficiency now, and in the future.

This is the reason why STORE LOGISTIC is offering the water-jet cutting machine series.
Cutting dimension are:

  • Width X=2000/4000 mm
  • Length Y=4000/12000 mm
  • Height Z=200 mm

The water flow which moves at a speed that is three times higher than the speed of sound reaches the necessary level of energy required for producing the micro-erosion. Thus, water-jet cutting can be characterized as a mechanical process.
The physical attributes of the material remain intact after the water-jet cutting process.

High-performance abrasive cutting

The abrasive cutting method is a requirement in the range of materials for which effective water cutting is limited. The powerful energy jet that is able to cut, perforate and separate materials with various densities and thicknesses is the result of a combination of air, water and abrasive.
Abrasive cutting is the perfect solution for cutting:

  • Ceramics
  • Metal
  • Granite
  • Tempered glass etc.

Flexible water-jet cutting solution promoted by STORE LOGISTIC

The process of efficient water cutting starts with a pressure of up to 6500 bar that passes through a diamond orifice with an average speed of 800-100 m/sec transforming the potential energy into kinetic energy. The water-jet speed that results from this process is perfectly capable of cutting:

  • Paper;
  • Fabric;
  • Plastics;
  • Fibers etc.

Technical Information:

  • Maximum thickness of the part – 200 mm;
  • Maximum cutting speed (20 m/min);
  • Cutting of materials with thicknesses between 0.5 and 180 mm;
  • Repeatability accuracy +- 0.025 mm/m;
  • Machine tolerance +- 0.05mm/m;
  • Number of water-jet cutting heads – between 1 and 4;
  • Maximum permitted load of the parts – 1000 kg/m2.