STORE LOGISTIC is offering a full range of high quality tools for CNC sheet metal punching machines.
Thanks to the experience gained over many years of activity, STORE LOGISTIC is able to offer you technological solutions and tools in order for you to achieve your production goals with maximum productivity and profit.
The tools promoted by STORE LOGISTIC are distinguished by the high quality finish, durability, low execution tolerances and high quality standards. Thus, our customers benefit from an incomparable ratio between quality and price.

A wide range of special dies for deformation and multiple drilling covers the completion of all your production requirements and guarantees the optimum equipment performance in terms of quality and cost. The simple and functional adjustment of the punching speed allows for economical and fast set-up operations.

STORE LOGISTIC puts at your disposal a rich line of multitools to increase your operating performance and minimize the times of tool exchange.
All of our tools are equipped with anti-seizing and antioxidant superficial treatment.

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