The compact and combined punch-laser systems promoted by STORE LOGISTIC prove all the advantages of the servo-electric drive concept and CO2 or fiber laser cutting.
Flexible, fast, productive, modern and accurate combined servo-electric and fiber laser technology made accessible.


  • Combined concept – superior productivity, efficiency and versatility
  • Modern software, fast set-up times
  • Reduced floor space requirements even with the annexation of automation modules
  • 100% servo-electric fiber laser cutting and punching, meaning reduced energy consumption
  • Superior tooling capacity
  • Flexible laser that can also be utilized for the processing of materials like brass or copper
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No laser gas requirements
  • Fast and easy laser cutting, punching, forming, marking, bending

Technical data

  • Maximum sheet size – 3074 mm x 1565 mm (121” x 61.2”)
  • Maximum working area without repositioning – 2530 mm x 1565 mm (99.6” x 61.2”)
  • Maximum combined (laser and punch) working area without repositioning – 1900 mm x 1565 mm (74.8” x 61.2”)
  • Punching forces – 170, 200 or 230 kN (19, 23, 26 US tons)
  • Tool rotation speed – up to 133 rpm
  • Punching speed – up to 700 hpm with 1 mm between holes
  • Laser source – High brilliance fiber laser 2 kW or 3 kW

The flexibility of four processing technologies combined
Forming, marking, punching and laser cutting in one high-performance state-of-the-art sheet metal processing machine. The characteristic that best describes the integrated laser cutting and punching technology is versatility.

This style of manufacturing reduces cost per part and offers faster set-ups and more ease of operation. The laser unit can be utilized in different applications, for example where it is most flexible and the punching unit where it is faster or easier.

The best solution for your operating needs is always up for grabs. All of this extends to a greater flexibility when answering to our customer’s production requirements, which is what our partners strive for.
Our combined processing system has a state-of-the-art 2 kW or 3 kW fiber laser source with reduced energy consumption and no laser gas requirements. Therefore, it is a definite example of the ECO MIND type production.




  • Integrated punching, marking, forming and laser cutting
  • The turret is always programmable, with a maximum capacity of 384 tools
  • Scrap conveyors
  • Work chute (500 mm x 500 mm)
  • A multitude of options – 1-3 clamps, individual movement, lifting brush tables, 2 distinctive tapping solutions
  • Drop doors (up to 500 mm x 500 mm)
  • Upforming capabilities
  • All the capabilities and versatility of the servo-electric drive punching series
  • Automated laser scrap sorting
  • High level of accuracy (the work stages are performed by a single machine)
  • Reduced stress on the components of the process
  • Small floor space requirements
  • Reduced programming costs (only one NC program required)