STORE LOGISTIC offers a comprehensive range of sheet metal cutting Shearing machines .

STORE LOGISTIC promoted shearing Series is characterized by performance and competitive price for the Romanian market.

STORE LOGISTIC shearing machines warn promoted by rigid construction, performance and cutting quality perfect. Optional accessories include support for sustaining plate, conveyor belts and storage systems for sheet metal.

STORE LOGISTIC promotes operated Shearing Machines CNC automatic tuning and manual tuning.

The biggest difference between the two versions is that the opening of cutting and cutting angle can be adjusted manually.

The shearing machines have a rear lug ultraprecise a setting range of 800-1000 mm and a modern control system with touch screen technology, which can be ordered using all relevant functions of the car.

STORE LOGISTIC shearing machines are promoted by EU production.

Shearing Machines have a device that helps significantly cut after marking.


  • Maximum useful cutting length 2500-4000 mm
  • Max. Steel / aluminum / stainless steel 10/12/8 mm
  • Weight KGS 5000-7000
  • Dimensions (cm) 434x320x205
  • Food 400 V tri
  • Power 18.5 KW
  • Maximum cadence 10-20 cuts / min



  • Limitator electric rear adjustable from 8-1000 mm
  • Digital display and fine-tuning
  • Limited the alignment
  • Specially treated steel knives 4 cutting edges – for the same or stainless steel
  • Fixed cutting angle of 1 °
  • Manual adjustment of the distance between knives on the side
  • Ptr mass as 18 balls. To avoid fingerprinting board
  • Two previous consoles every 1m
  • Cutting line lighting
  • Grid cut narrow strips ptr
  • Oil container
  • Order pedal
  • Rear protective barrier