STORE LOGISTIC promotes a complete and varied line of high quality tools for CNC bending equipment specially designed to meet even the most demanding manufacturing needs of our customers.
The tools offered by STORE LOGISTIC have been designed to achieve bending processes with precise and economical results.
The tools are built with hardened or tempered steel at low-frequency induction, with maximal allowed tolerances which guarantee the bending machines optimal performances and big advantages in terms of quality and costs.

The low-frequency induction hardening, being different from high frequency induction for longer processing times, gives the tools a deeper hardening. The tools become more resistant to the burrs that are present on the elements that have been processed with a laser, and are regenerable.

STORE LOGISTIC presents a new jet clamp system that offers new solutions for mechanical locking on CNC bending machines. The tool clamp is obtained by vertical actuation of the locking lever without the use of any sort of key or tool. Having an ergonomic design, the locking levers can be handled with just one hand.

The new tooling systems promoted by STORE LOGISTIC, equipped with safety devices, can be loaded and unloaded without any risks of tools drop. The tool change is performed in very little time and at a high level of safety. The safety device is available for tools weighing up to 13 kg. The length of the tool is 835 mm, 415 mm and sectioned. Minimum length is 20 mm.


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