STORE LOGISTIC offers a wide range of advanced waterjet CNC cutting equipment for non-metal processing.
With the advanced waterjet cutting technology promoted by STORE LOGISTIC our clients can achieve edges and profiles that are unobtainable with other technologies.
The high precision waterjet cutting equipment offered by STORE LOGISTIC can process all types of thick or thin glass, from sheet glass to armored glass to laminated glass.

Technical performances of STORE LOGISTIC equipment – WATERJET:

  • Maximum thickness of the part – 200 mm
  • Maximum cutting speed (20 m/min)
  • Cutting of materials with thicknesses between 0.5 and 180 mm
  • Repeatability accuracy +- 0.025 mm/m
  • Machine tolerance +- 0.05mm/m
  • Number of water-jet cutting heads – between 1 and 4
  • Maximum permitted load of the parts – 1000 kg/m2

Cutting dimensions:

  • Width X= 2000/4000 mm
  • Length Y= 4000/12000 mm
  • Height Z= 200 mm