STORE LOGISTIC comes to you with automated solutions for the loading and unloading of sheet metal, machine tools or compact systems for permanent lights-out production.

STORE LOGISTIC promotes its compact line of automated solutions which is responsible for the processing of blank metal sheets, picked from automated storages, into ready-bent components of exceptional quality.

STORE LOGISTIC proposes automated solutions for various superior quality ready-bent components from cut to size material by means of an automated fabrication.

The automation system is defined by its close integration of all the required elements: work stages, material handling, software. Fast loading and tool change means fast operations and increased profits.

The STORE LOGISTIC partners are counting on flexible, sophisticated servo-electric punching technology which offers great capacity, smooth operations and fast setup times. Its superior repeatability simplifies the marking, forming, roll-forming processes and reduces the time necessary for set-up. Exceptionally accurate forming capabilities are also, within reach.
The automation system for lights-out production presented by STORE LOGISTIC handles the information systems and materials of a workstation and merges specific work stages into one flexible process.


  • Less work for operators thanks to closely integrated processes
  • Similar investments – more capacity. Increased production with reduced work space requirements
  • Reduced maintenance costs. Finished parts of exceptional quality.
  • Efficient use of machine work time, no skeleton-handling
  • Reduced lead time for new parts and part changes. Fast and automated part transfer with almost no set-up time.
  • Exquisite surface and contour quality
  • Less work-in-progress. Reduced storage requirements

Automatizare Laser

Automation of information systems and materials brought to you by STORE LOGISTIC

The versatile fabrication systems developed by the partners of STORE LOGISTIC have a long and illustrious history. The first was installed back in 1990, and hundreds followed.

The automation system for unattended production handles the information systems and materials of a workstation and merges specific work stages into one flexible process. Thanks to the wide spectrum of automated material handling solutions, integrated cells, tools and software promoted by STORE LOGISTIC, you can find the best solutions for all of your operating needs.

Through customized fabrication processes you can achieve a profitability in small batch production that is almost equal to that of serial production. The superior level of engineering of our flexible manufacturing systems guarantees efficient and flexible productivity. Also, the system is modular, storage capacity can be expanded and work stations, cells and stand-alone machines can be upgraded or changed.

Solid and flexible integrated manufacturing solution

This compact FMS is responsible for the processing of blank metal sheets, picked from automated storages, into ready-bent components of exceptional quality. The esteemed partners of STORE LOGISTIC have proven their tremendous experience in system engineering and in the following fields:

  • Customer service and support
  • Software
  • Automation of material handling
  • Machine tools and cells
  • System design
  • Automated storages

Integrated punching-shearing-buffering-bending system from STORE LOGISTIC
This modular system is responsible for the production of high quality ready-bent components from unprocessed metal sheets that have been picked from an automatic storage. The high level of productivity offered is a direct result of the following integrated solutions:

  • Servo-electric bending
  • Modern servo-electric punching
  • Servo-electric shearing
  • Easy to use software
  • Flexible material flow

The automated storage plays an important part in the processing of components. First, blanks are transported to a punching- shearing cell, then they are picked and stacked by a robot in a bending unit for buffering and bending. The components can be changed automatically through programming and transferred directly, after shearing, to the bending process, on conveyors.