Solid and flexible integrated manufacturing solution

The esteemed partners of STORE LOGISTIC have proven their tremendous experience in system engineering and in the following fields:

  • Customer service and support
  • Software
  • Automation of material handling
  • Machine tools and cells
  • System design
  • Automated storages

Integrated punching-shearing-buffering-bending system from STORE LOGISTIC

This modular system is responsible for the production of high quality ready-bent components from unprocessed metal sheets that have been picked from an automatic storage. The high level of productivity offered is a direct result of the following integrated solutions:

  • Servo-electric bending
  • Modern servo-electric punching
  • Servo-electric shearing
  • Easy to use software
  • Flexible material flow

The automated storage plays an important part in the processing of components. First, blanks are transported to a punching- shearing cell, then they are picked and stacked by a  robot in a bending unit for buffering and bending. The components can be changed automatically through programming and transferred directly, after shearing, to the bending process, on conveyors.