STORE LOGISTIC offers a wide range of advanced waterjet, plasma, laser and bending CNC sheet metal equipment for aluminum processing.

After steel, aluminum is by far the most used type of metal in the world due to its effectiveness and versatility. It is a ductile, lightweight, durable, malleable metal and has excellent conductivity of heat and electricity.

STORE LOGISTIC provides equipment for the processing of all types of sheet metal.

Technical performances of STORE LOGISTIC equipment – PLASMA:

  • Maximum thickness of the part – 200 mm;
  • Superior cutting speed (8000 mm/min);
  • Cutting of materials with thicknesses between 0.5 and 180 mm;
  • Repeatability accuracy +- 0.025 mm/m;
  • Machine tolerance +- 0.05mm/m;
  • Maximum permitted load of parts – 800 kg/m2;
  • Power Output Installation – 130A/ 260A and 130A/ 260A/ 400A/ 800A;
  • Hypertherm cutting head.

STORE LOGISTIC recomend technology for cutting Aluminium with Laser CO2 or FIBER