STORE LOGISTIC brings you a wide range of advanced CNC waterjet, plasma, laser and bending sheet metal equipment for steel processing.

Processed steel is the most used and most important metal in the world. Steel is, in fact, an alloy with two main elements, iron and carbon. The properties of steel are closely related to its composition.

Modifying the amount of carbon changes the characteristics of the steel and the kind of application in which it is used.

STORE LOGISTIC provides equipment for the processing of all types of sheet metal.
Technical performances of STORE LOGISTIC equipment – LASER:

Work area

  • X 1250 mm x 1250 mm Y 1250 mm Z 100 mm;
  • X 1530 mm x 3048 mm Y 1524 mm Z 150 mm;
  • X 2040 mm x 4064 mm Y 2032 mm Z 150 mm;
  • X 2000 mm x 6000 mm Y 2000 mm Z 200 mm;
  • X 3048 mm Y 1524 mm Z 150 mm Y2: 9000-36000 mm.

Axis speed

  • 100-150 m/min (combined 140-170 m/min)
  • 80-120 m/min (combined 110-140 m/min)

Laser source

  • CO2; Fiber 500 W – 6000 W



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