Productive and efficient electric forklift operations from STORE LOGISTIC.
The electric forklifts represent the ideal machine for handling any application inside factories or warehouses.
The lineup of electric forklifts is divided into 3 categories depending on the type of traction battery installed:

  • Electric forklifts with 24 V payload from 1000 kg to 1600 kg load capacity
  • Electric forklifts with 48 V payload from 1600 kg to 2000 kg load capacity
  • Electric forklifts with 80 V payload from 2000 kg to 8000 kg load capacity

The traction batteries are produced by certified EU manufacturers.
The lifetime of the traction batteries is approximately 1500 charging cycles.
We recommend careful handling of the batteries and to periodically check the battery water.
Refill with distilled water only after charging the battery.

The lifting heights depend on the configuration of the reach truck:

  • SIMPLEX (DUPLEX) – lifting heights up to H3=4000 mm
  • TRIPLEX – lifting heights up to H3=7000 mm
  • HILO ( FREE LIFT) – lifting heights up to H3=4000 mm

The forklift trucks can be operated inside or outside factories and warehouses as long as there is asphaltic flooring or a cemented area.
Electric forklift trucks offer maximum workplace safety, comfort and functionality.
Our offering of electric forklift trucks ranges from 1.5 tons up to 8 tons lifting capacity.
Lifting heights up to 7000 mm.
Industry and Warehouse applications.
New and second-hand reconditioned equipment with warranty and post-warranty.
Sale and renting in Romania.
24/24 Service.

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The equipment from our promoted brands is manufactured in the European Union.

We promote certified electric forklifts manufactured in the European Union.