CAR SERVICE racking system is composed as a combination between metallic rigs, conventional racking, metallic stairs and metallic boxes.

This type of racking has a metallic modular system base, steady or mobile, painted in two colours and it’s used to deposit spare parts.

This racking is designed for car producers, car representations, car services, automotive transport firms with large car fleet and for other companies that provide service for construction machines, forklift trucks or activate in machine or tools production, etc.

The access in racking area is made pedestrian by client’s personnel. Aisle lightning can be with or without sensors. Parts depositing is made in metallic or plastic boxes designed after the shape and colour clients want.

With request, any of the RAL gamma colours can be use for your ordered racking system painting.

With request, STORE LOGISTIC Car Service racking gamma offers a large gamma of options. Any request can be examined, designed and executed.