Store Logistic, your partner for metallic furniture solutions

STORE LOGISTIC is at your service with a varied metallic furniture gamma, according to each client requests and specific.

STORE LOGISTIC offer for metallic furniture includes solutions for depositing and industry spaces, but also for clients from medical or banking-financial area.

STORE LOGISTIC speciality consists in incorporating metallic racking solutions with client necessity and other specific activities where metallic furniture is necessary.

Fully autonomous production capacity allows us to resolve the romanian market demands, fully covering the metallic furniture demand the clients launch to us.

Latest metallic furniture production equipment.

STORE LOGISTIC assures metallic furniture transportation and setting. We the help of a pro team (who have been working for the last 14 years in the area), we can deliver and install the furniture in any location you chose in Romania.

STORE LOGISTIC can design unusual metallic furniture at your demand.
Our metallic furniture gamma contains: wardrobes, cabinets, desks, engineering shop furniture, file classifiers.
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