The CANTILEVER rack system type is destined to those clients who deposit long profiles of minimum 6 meters. Profiles can be of wood, pvc, aluminium, iron, steel, PAL or OSB panels.

The advantage of this racking system relies on the possibility of total use of the depositing space. The profiles depositing is made on one or both sides with the GONDOLA system. Profile handling in depots with this type of racking can be done with specialised bidirectional trucks recommended by STORE LOGISTIC experts. At our recommendation, profile handling inside depots can be done with frontal forklift trucks.

CANTILEVER racking system allows a standard one arm loading of 1000 kg. With request, CANTILEVER systems with a loading on arms up to 2000 kg, can be designed and produced. With request, any of the RAL gamma colours can be used for the painting of your ordered racking systems.

The STORE LOGISTIC gamma of CANTILEVER racking offers a rich option pallet. Any request can be studied, designed and executed.