Light Racking accentuates itself by it’s design, realised according to the space available in the depot or in the production hall. It is used for depositing small and medium weights (1 kg – 200 kg).

Light Racking are executed as a flexible system of modular racking, which allows manual cargo handling, with appliances in commerce or accessories, spare parts depots.

Shelves are screwed on cornier type legs of various heights, being ready to fixed, dismantled or extended at any time, this way, offering unlimited flexibility. Racking standard module (with 2000 mm height and 1000 mm width) has 5 shelves in composition but, with request, additional shelves can be conducted, in order to enlarge depositing capacity. Depositing capacity is up to 80 kg/stratum and 400 kg/module.

This type of racking is designed for depots, production areas and household use.

With request, any of the RAL gamma colours can be used for your ordered racking system painting.

With request, STORE LOGISTIC Light racking gamma offers various options. Any request can be examined, designed and executed.