DRIVE IN racking system is the depositing solution for a big quantity of pallets in a depot. The system is very sturdy having stability both longitudinal and crosswise.
The access of forklift trucks to pallets is realised like entering a tunnel, through the pillars of the racking system. The pallet is taken and seated on the width’s side by an electric forklift truck. Each level is remarked because of some rails on which pallets are seated.

  • 80% more pallets can be deposited in comparison with a conventional racking, considering an equal surface of the depot.
  • High racking system stability

DRIVE IN racking system allows aisle access to a single type of product.

Because of this type of pallet aisle access, more than one ware type can’t be stored on the same aisle. In order to take a pallet situated in the middle of the aisle, at level 2, all the pallets situated before that level have to be firstly removed.

The DRIVE IN racking system uses LIFO principle: the last pallet in is the first one out. That is why, when ordering a DRIVE IN racking system, a limited number of product types, maximum 30, must be considered. The type of electric forklift trucks used with this racking system is limited.




The recommendation comes as a consequence the evaluation made by STORE LOGISTIC experts.

With request, any RAL gamma colour can be used for the painting of your ordered racking system.
STORE LOGISTIC DRIVE IN racking gamma offers many options in height, width, depth and total loading. Any request can be examined, designed and executed.